Center hole grinding is becoming more and more of an issue for precise grinding parts. If several diameters have to be ground on a shaft in different work steps, you need an accurate center hole. With the help of our center hole grinding machine ZSM (System Fischer, Dottikon) you grind the center holes with a concentricity of 0.001mm.

The ZSM can be adapted exactly to your requirements and workpieces thanks to many equipment possibilities.

Many options are available. These are intended to help automate individual work steps - up to the fully automatic machine (ZSA), which independently measures and grinds the clamped workpiece with the laser.

For more information of the machine, please refer to the flyer.

Downloads center hole grinding machine:

Downloads automatic center hole grinding machine:

Let us know the characteristics of your parts (length and diameter of the largest part, surface finish,...)
and we will configure the most suitable machine for you.

With a lot of experience to the optimal result

Grinding principle:
1. Rotary move of the grinding wheel
2. Stroke move of the grinding wheel
3. Rotating workpiece

A cross hatch pattern with oil pockets that provides optimum oil retention in the center holes

Swivelling grinding head

With the swivelling head the grinding angle can be adjusted between 0° and 90°

Highest precision

The machine achieves a concentricity accuracy of 0.001mm

Clamping of the workpieces in the chuck

With the help of the three adjustable quills even workpieces with an inaccurate surface can be clamped and aligned


Center hole grinding machine ZSM-M6-1000-SP180-A
with precision 3-jaw chuck and fixed counter tip

Center hole grinding machine ZSM-M6-1000-LM200-A
with steady rest and drive counter tip

For grinding parts with out-of-round or rough clamping diameter. The parts can be straightened with the precision chuck.

For grinding parts with pre-ground clamping diameter.