We are specialized in the production of single parts and small series. With the precision swivel table PST of our own brand Zamag, the machining of small, complex 5-axis parts is also possible. Our long-term employees guarantee precision and adherence to delivery dates to our customers. Thanks to our wide range of machinery, we achieve a large in-house production depth and thus have a great influence on the price, accuracy and delivery date.

Programming station:
MyXPert VirtualCAM from MySolutions

Our machine park:

CNC milling:Machines type:travel path X-axis:travel path Y-axistravel path Z-axisSpindle speed:
Manford VL850 (3 axes)850mm510mm510mm15000 rpm
Syntak MV-10 (3 axes)1000mm600mm600mm10000 rpm
Syntak MV-10 (5 axes)150mm150mm150mm10000 rpm
Microcut Eagle (4 axis)600mm440mm550mm10000 rpm
Mikron VC-1000 (4 axis)1000mm660mm500mm6000 rpm
Fehlmann P18S (3 axis)600mm300mm300mm5000 rpm
CNC turning:Machines type:max. parts-ø:Peak height:Peak width:Spindle speed:
Ecoca EL-1500300mm200mm1500mm3000 rpm
ZAMAG D102-430 CNC100mm102mm430mm5000 rpm
PEP CNC100mm150mm500mm5000 rpm
Flat grinding:Machines type:Grinding length:Lateral stroke:Grinding height:Grinding wheel-ø
Mägerle F10700mm270mm425mm400mm
Cylindrical grinding:Machines type:Peak height:Peak width:Infeed stroke:Grinding wheel-ø:
ZAMAG RSM 102102mm200mm100mm250mm
Face grinding:Machines type:Peak height:Pendulum stroke:Infeed stroke:Grinding wheel-ø:
ZAMAG DSM 102-04102mm250mm100mm175mm
Center hole grinding:Machines type:max. clamping-ø:max. workpiece length:Grinding spindle:Spindle speed:
180mm1000mmMotor spindle60'000 rpm

3D print

Customize parts? No problem. With our 3D printer we can print your individually element.

We print Onyx. A nylon filled with micro carbon fibers. This gives excellent strength, heat resistance, surface quality and chemical resistance.

For less demanding parts or for prototyping, we also print the commercially available PLA in various colors.

In addition, the following continuous fibers can be cast in:

Fiberglass 5 times stronger than onyx. Best strength-to-cost ratio.

HSHT Fiberglass For high-strength parts at high ambient temperatures.

Kevlar: For particularly robust and impact-resistant parts.

Carbon For applications that require the greatest possible stiffness and strength, but should be featherlight.

Laser marking

Marking and thus the traceability of parts in the machine industry is becoming increasingly important. In addition, laser marking offers a cost-effective alternative to engraving.

On our own laser marking system we can mark cubic or round components. We can add logos, serial numbers, sequential numbers, deep engraving, bar codes or 3D codes to your parts. Test us.

If you have any questions about laser marking, we will be happy to help you.

Laser marking:Machines type:Editing field:Clamping area:Z-height:Power:
Laser L-SICL100 x 100mm450 x 350mm150mm20W